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Holiday Dates 2015

Easter Closed Monday 6th April 2015
Closed Tuesday 7th April 2015
Open Wednesday 8th April 2015
May Day Closed Monday 4th May 2015
Open Tuesday 5th May 2015
Summer Closed Friday 31st July 2015
Open Monday 17th August 2015
Autumn Closed Monday 12th October 2015
Closed Tuesday 13th October 2015
Open Wednesday 14th October 2015
Christmas Closed Monday 21st December 2015
OpenWednesday 6th January 2016
cut larch round logs in sawmill yard


Perthshire Timber Company
Polney Sawmill
Dunkeld Perthshire

Tel: 01350 727494
Fax: 01350 728662




Perthshire Timber Co., Polney Sawmill, Dunkeld, Perth, Perthshire, is a sawmill/softwood merchant producing treated or untreated fencing wood and railway sleepers for sale to the public.
Over the last sixty years Perthshire Timber Co., has supplied wooden fencing posts, pit props for the mining industry, boards, rails, railway sleepers and many other wood products throughout the U.K.

Treated railway sleepers and boards

Currently our core business is supplying pallet manufactures with softwood boards, bearers and 'block' (pieces used for the corners of pallets), and we have a pressure treatment tank for agricultural and domestic fencing.

We manufacture and supply new railway sleepers, structural joists, strainers, turners, garden bark, wood chips, sawdust, and much more. Basically if we are able to cut it - we can supply it to you - we pride ourselves as remaining as versatile as possible. No order is too big or too small.
If you require a fence, and are unsure of quantities/terminology, then find out the length and height of fence you require, and we can suggest different styles and we will calculate how many posts , rails, boards/slats you require, and give you a complete price.

For more information and expert friendly advice, please call Iain or Geoff on 01350 727494 or Fax on 01350 728662.


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