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Perthshire Timber Company
Polney Sawmill
Dunkeld Perthshire

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Primultini Bandmill Carriage, Chipper Canter and Valon Kone 90 Peeler installation

After the success of upgrading our Big Mill by replacing a Stenner VQ 54 Headrig and Carriage with a newer and faster Primultini 1600 Bandmill and Carriage from Italy, we decided to enhance the saw with a primultini chipper canter ( or 'Slabber ' as they call them in Europe ) which simplifies the tapered outside slab, making it more regularised/flat.
By doing this we can process more logs and reduce the taper/ and rough knots on logs which reduces the risk of blockages further down the process.

With Installing the Chipper Canter we were advised it was best to peel/remove the bark to eliminate the chance of hitting any stones hidden in the bark.
As such we are finishing off the installation of a Valon Kone VK 90 large log peeler/debarker from Finland, which can process logs up to 90cm or 3 feet diameter, about 99% of the logs we process.

The larger Saw, Chipper Canter and Peeler, have allowed us to cut round logs up to approx 1.5 metre diameter/5 feet diameter, previously we could only cut up to 1 metre diametre/3 feet diameter.
We are very satisfied with the results and not only have these machines increased production, but they have increased our versatility for taking in larger logs and cutting them faster.

We have two mills on the site, the Wee Mill cuts logs from 12 cm to 30 cm and the Big Mill cuts logs from 25 cm to 1.2 metres. We alternate between the mills depending on orders and log stocks.




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